PET Inverted Plastic Squeeze Bottles

Parker Plastics, Inc recently introduced their new 16 oz. PET Inverted Plastic Squeeze Bottle. The new 16 oz. joins the already popular 12 oz. and 18 oz. stock PET plastic bottles.

Parker teamed with Seaquist Closures (nka Aptar) to develop a custom plastic bottle design to facilitate their newly introduced SimpliSqueeze closure, the first of the inverted, valved closures in the market at the time. The inverted PET plastic squeeze bottles were designed not only to compliment the dimensional look of the SimpliSqueeze but also to meet the needs for controlled and precise dispensing of viscous products.

The PET inverted plastic squeeze bottles design requires a balance of the correct gram weight coupled with the ideal panel radius. The combination of bottle weight and panel radii ensures adequate “spring back” of the panels after squeezing. Too flat or rigid of panels will potentially cause creasing at the bottle edges not allowing return to the optimal shape for reuse.  The base is also designed to provide stability during the filling process.

Parker Plastics, Inc. line of PET inverted plastic squeeze bottles offer a billboard size label panel area whether one is using pressure sensitive or full body shrink sleeve labels.

There are many uses for plastic squeeze bottles including sauce, mustard, honey, agave, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and condiments.  Many marketers are also using this package as an upright container for squeeze, pourable or shaker applications.

Please contact us at or 262-947-3344 ext. 227 for more information and bottle samples.

Parker Plastics, Inc. is celebrating 25 years of blow molding custom plastic bottles and jars in 2014. From the humble beginnings of a used 2 cavity extrusion blow molder in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, Parker has grown to become a premiere plastic bottle suppliers and includes 3 strategic locations in Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Maryland.  Parker manufactures PET, HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene bottles and jars on multiple platforms with modern high speed molding machines. Give us a call.