Dressing & Sauce Bottles

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In addition to many pourable bottle designs Parker Plastics offers a range of stock plastic squeeze bottles, as well as custom designs. Plastic squeeze bottles are certainly useful with the more viscous products of honey (bears), agave, mustard and condiments, and sauces.

Plastic squeeze bottles are especially popular for use with the newer inverted dispensing valve closures available in today’s market. Interest in plastic squeeze bottles has grown in the household cleaner market as well, offering the same directional and portion-controlled dispensing benefits.

Important to the design of plastic squeeze bottles is the bottles ability for the panels to “spring back” to its original shape. These characteristics are designed-in to all Parker stock and custom plastic squeeze bottles, using 3D design technology, choosing the ideal resin, and preform weight selection.

Plastic squeeze bottles are made in FDA approved plastic resins of HDPE, LDPE, PET, and Polypropylene and can be colored. Plastic squeeze bottles can also be manufactured using PCR and Bio PET for most applications. All Parker bottles are BPA Free and manufactured in AIB Inspected facilities ensuring the highest quality container.

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