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Parker Plastics is a wholesale plastic bottles manufacturer featuring custom and stock HDPE bottles, custom PET bottles and polypropylene bottles. HDPE plastic bottles were first manufactured by Parker in 1989 on a used 2 cavity extrusion blow molding machine making 8 ounce squeeze honey bear bottles.

In the past 25 years Parker Plastics has expanded its HDPE plastic bottle manufacturing to 20 machines capable of making HDPE bottles in sizes from 4 ounces up to 2.5 gallons (10 liter). The extrusion platforms vary from a single cavity to 12 cavity capability. In addition to the workhorse extrusion shuttle machines, Parker has added cutting-edge horizontal stroke blow molding equipment to manufacture HDPE plastic bottles.

Parker manufactures wholesale plastic bottles for a significant number of markets. Larger HDPE plastic bottles of 1, 2 and 2.5 gallon for the industrial chemicals, motor oil, and AgChem segments. Smaller sizes of 4 ounces through 1 liter HDPE bottles serve the RTD juices, household chemical and food segments. And, we can’t forget the squeeze honey bear too.

Neck finishes for our HDPE plastic bottles can be made in any specified size or feature. CRC or child resistant closure; DBJ for the dairy, beverage and juice markets that sport a tamper evident breakaway band, snap-on lids, or fitments. Sizes range from 18mm to 120mm.

Additional features offered with Parker Plastics HDPE bottles are view stripe, high percentage PCR (post consumer resin) resin, any color of the rainbow, handle ware, co-extrusion for multi-layer and wide mouth.

Custom bottle design has been the cornerstone of Parker Plastics since 1989. We take your concept from art-to-part using 3D design, rapid prototyping and state of the art mold manufacture. Whether it’s a me-too market equivalent or your own unique HDPE bottle design, Parker Plastics can make it happen in short order.

Contact Parker Plastics at www.parkerplastics.net or by calling 262-947-3344 extension 227.