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Our unique bottle design-features provide superior performance and durability for both bottlers and end-users. Advantages include superior PET material used in processing and design aspects that are less prone to breakage.

5 Gal Water Containers – Parker Plastics


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Quality Manufacturing by Parker Plastics

We are innovators in the manufacture of plastic water bottles and are always seeking ways to improve durability and performance in order to provide superior value.

  • 3 gallon square “retail” style bottle is now available. This product is BPA FREE (as are all of Sterling products) and is ideal for retail positioning and other applications. This bottle is designed to maximize cube space in transit as well as retail shelf space, and is extremely durable. Well suited for consumer re-fill applications. Samples are available now.
  • Sterling is now in final development of the 3G one-way, 3G reusable, and 4G one-way bottles. These exciting new products will complete the family of large format water bottles, in both reusable and one-way offerings.
  • Sterling Containers now has the capability to silkscreen and customize with your company’s name, tagline, logo or any other customization you can imagine!
  • Sterling Containers is proud to introduce its new refillable-returnable HOD 3 gallon PET (BPA-free) bottle.  Samples will be available in the fourth quarter of 2012 and normal production and sales will be available in the first quarter of 2013.  This product is engineered to mesh seamlessly into all current HOD style 3G filling operations, while still providing the superior durability and clarity of the PET 5G as well as being BPA-free.
  • In early 2013, Sterling will introduce a proprietary version of a one-way 3 gallon bottle.  It is designed to fill several gaps in the “one-way” distribtution networks and Retail Distribution Centers, as well as better utilization of retail shelf space (retail facings).  3 gallon one-way bottles offer a more consumer friendly package for bulk water in terms of ease of use and overall weight for retail customers.