Custom Blow Molder

Providing Customer-Driven Solutions Since 1989

Established as a custom blow molder in 1989, Parker Plastics knows how to take your concept from drawing board to production and turn your idea into a reality. 

You can have products of all shapes and sizes developed especially for you through our 18 extrusion blow molding lines and 12 PET reheat blow molding machines. Gain the benefits of working with a leading custom blow molder, focused on quality and service for long-term partnerships.

Custom Blow MolderParker Plastics is a custom blow molder of high quality plastic containers and specialty items. Our blow molding equipment is capable of production sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 2.5 gallon containers. Obtain customized solutions to your blow molding requirements through our manufacturing expertise and market diversity

Utilizing Parker Plastics as your “custom blow molder” means your company will gain benefits available from a custom plastic bottle:

  • Product differentiation delivered by your unique packaging

  • Improved manufacturing efficiency via custom container design

  • Lower warehousing costs from a custom stocking program

So whether you are considering a glass-to-plastics conversion or you have outgrown your current stock package, we are always focused on creating packaging that sells your products.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from the services of a custom blow molder.