Parker Plastics Launches Wide Mouth PET Container Platform

Parker Plastics Inc., a custom blow molder of wholesale plastic bottles, announced the launch of a wide mouth PET container platform through the addition of two-stage, reheat and stretch blow molding machinery and enhanced technical capabilities. These new wide mouth PET capabilities allow Parker Plastics to provide PET jars and containers with neck finishes up to 130mm, in addition to its wide range of narrow neck PET, HDPE, LDPE and polypropylene rigid packaging solutions.

Parker Plastics’ wide mouth PET reheat and stretch blow molding capabilities make it one of the only custom blow molders in North America to offer non-spin-trimmed, blow molded wide mouth PET jars and containers. This wide mouth PET platform gives Parker Plastics the ability to offer low mold costs to its customers for the introduction of new, custom wide mouth PET containers. Parker’s new wide mouth PET platform also has heat-set capabilities for containers that will be hot-filled.

With this recent investment, Parker Plastics now offers custom wide mouth PET jars and containers with neck sizes ranging from 55mm to 130mm. In addition to custom wide mouth PET containers, Parker Plastics now offers a stock one gallon, 110mm wide mouth PET container. These wide mouth PET capabilities supplement Parker Plastics’ current custom and stock offering of PET, HDPE, LDPE and polypropylene rigid packaging solutions spanning all bottle and neck sizes.

Parker Plastics serves as a trusted container supplier to customers across a variety of end markets including food and beverage, agricultural chemicals, oil, household chemicals and more. Its manufacturing facilities in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Hagerstown, Maryland and new facility opening in North Las Vegas, Nevada allow Parker Plastics to serve customers across the United States.

For more information or to discuss our solutions for your wide mouth PET or other plastic bottle needs, please contact us at or 262-947-3344 ext. 227.