Plastic PET Bottles

Providing Customer-Driven Solutions Since 1989

Plastic Bottle Manufacturer – Parker Plastics

Parker Plastics is a premiere plastic bottle manufacturer providing customer-driven packaging solutions since 1989.  Well known as a custom and stock plastic bottle manufacturer, Parker can develop custom bottle designs or supply from an extensive stock bottle library at our 4 strategic plastic bottle manufacturer locations in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Maryland and Nevada.

Being a full service plastic bottle manufacturer Parker provides the ideal plastic resin options of PET, HDPE, LDPE and Polypro in multiple cavitation platforms that are capable of making 4 ounce up to 2.5 gallon bottles and containers. Bottle neck finishes range from as small as 18mm to 120mm wide mouth.

At Parker Plastics we are interested in you as a long-term customer. Parker’s superior quality, on time delivery, and great customer service are all essential elements of a premiere plastic bottle manufacturer.

Parker Plastics is an innovative plastics bottle manufacturer providing environmentally friendly PCR options in both HDPE bottles and PET plastic containers. A recent addition to our capabilities is renewable Bio PET sourced from sugar cane. This renewable source lessens the dependency on fossil fuels for plastic bottle manufacturer. PCR (post consumer resin) is also a environmentally friendly resin recycled from HDPE bottles and PET plastic bottles.

All Parker Plastics bottles are BPA Free and manufactured in AIB Inspected facilities ensuring the highest quality container.

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The applications for plastic PET bottles continue to expand. From water to automotive products, from honey to liquor, PET plastic bottles are the packaging solution of choice.

Plastic PET bottles provide the look of glass with improved functionality:

  • resistant to breakage
  • better product dispensing
  • reduced weight
  • lowering your shipping costs &
  • reducing your warehousing expenses
  • lower corrugation costs
  • decibel reduction

Your choice of plastic PET bottles versus other plastic containers might hinge on:

  • Clarity
  • Impact resistance
  • Recyclability

Parker Plastics is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality stock and custom plastic PET bottles. Many of our customers are in the food, household chemicals and oil industries. We supply plastic PET bottles to both small and large companies with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship with each and every customer.

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