Covid-19 has presented significant challenges to the manufacturing process, and Parker Plastics continues to respond with strict employee safety as our number one goal. Informed by CDC guidelines, Parker Plastics is proud to report that we have maintained the continuity of production at all four manufacturing sites. We are committed to safely supplying our customers with bottles at the highest output levels possible. To ensure the protection of our employees’ health, the PPI COVID task force meets virtually throughout the week to safeguard that best practices are in place. As a plastics manufacturing company, Parker Plastics is considered an “essential business” as defined by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). We are a critical member of the supply chain for the food, beverage, chemical and water industries and are determined that our customers have bottles for their products. If you are interested in these essential bottles, please contact one of our sales team.  In addition, strict employee safety measures are in place. All workers are required to wear facemasks and sign a health status form. Temperature checks are available, timecard machines have been replaced and social distancing is required in all workspaces and break rooms. Over 750 hours a week of additional cleaning and sanitizing have been added to production spaces. If you are looking for employment, please contact one of our HR managers. We would like to thank our business partners and employees for the spirit of cooperation that has grown during this difficult time. Be safe. Be well.