Founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a start-up injection molding company, Parker Plastics entered the blow molding industry in 1989 with the production of a line of honey bear bottles. Since then, Parker Plastics has focused on custom plastic container manufacturing.


Wisconsin plant opens its doors and commences production with extrusion and PET equipment.  Parker Plastics now has plug and play compatibility with the production lines in Oklahoma. 


In 1998, Parker Plastics became the first company to mold a figurine in PET using a 2-step process. This innovation was the 1st in a long history of ingenuity at Parker Plastics. We currently run 24 proprietary PET preform molds and hundreds of PET blow molds.


In 2001, we bolstered our commitment to the extrusion blowing component of our business by investing in cutting-edge horizontal stroke equipment expanding our HDPE bottles capability.


In 2005, we expanded into a third plastic blow molding facility (40,000 sq. ft.) in Hagerstown, MD, housing 3 high speed production lines.  


2006 Parker invested in high-speed linear PET technology in our Oklahoma facility.  


2009 saw the addition of co-extrusion capabilities for large containers (up to 2.5 gallons) in multi-layered HDPE featuring a view stripe and PCR (post consumer resin).   


5 Gallon PET Water Bottle HOD (Home and Office Delivery) production began at our Oklahoma and Maryland locations. Single stage PET molding machines, coupled with a range of decorating options, established Parker Plastics as the leader of BPA free 5G water bottles in the U.S.  


2015 saw Parker’s western expansion with the opening a 70,000 sq. ft. plant in North Las Vegas, Nevada, using reheat and stretch blow processes. Nevada offers custom design PET bottles and our entire range of stock narrow neck PET containers.  


Parker Plastics introduced two-stage reheat and stretch blow molding machinery to manufacture 3 gallon, 4 gallon, and 5 gallon HOD PET water bottles, as well as other large format PET containers, allowing Parker Plastics to bring its custom packaging expertise to the large format segment.  

2017 & Beyond

Parker Plastics continues to invest in all of its plants, with over 45 production lines occupying over 550,000 square feet across the Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Nevada locations.  

Our Locations

Our four plants in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Maryland and Nevada house 47 different production lines. Oklahoma and Wisconsin facilities operate PET machines, extrusion blow molding lines, and container decorating equipment.