Premium Grade PET H.O.D.Water Bottles


  • We are BP-A and BP-S free and are FDA, Proposition 65, and FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliant.
  • Our PET bottles provide not only superior clarity but also the high durability needed to eliminate stress fracturing. Our bottles are constructed with a molded preform top neck to allow for leak free capping and a non-hollow mold body to improve sanitation during wash cycles.
  • We offer multiple labeling platforms tailored to meet full optimization for your company branding. Our products are  available in 3G returnable, 4G one way, and 5G returnable options. Parker Plastics offers manufacturing in MD, OK, NV, and GA.

Injection molded neck finish provides leak free capping and minimizes water damage claims.

Manufacturing in MD, OK, NV and GA for national distribution coverage.

Parker Plastics’s durable integrated handle eliminates the hollow handle found in PC bottles allowing for improved bottle sanitization.

Heat transfer, pressure sensitive, and silk screen options allows you to pick the optimal label application.

High durability PET material eliminates stress fracturing, and increases trip count.

By maintaining the same diameter for in our 3G, 4G and 5G bottles, Parker Plastics bottles can all be filled on your standard HOD filling line.

Returnable / Reusable / Recyclable

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